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High-Quality English Proofreading & Editing Services for Medical and Scientific Research Documents
Our service offers proofreading and editing for any type of scientific or medical document. Our editorial strength comes from our highly experienced and qualified, native-English staff that is poised to help you achieve publication quality results.

Who can have this service?

The person who has a scientific paper written in English

Why choose us?

Because we are your colleague.

Our team of American scientists and medical doctors

Our most important feature that separates us from other medical translating and editing centers is that all our editors consist of American MDs and PhDs that work in the medical field. Using their editing skills, a transformation of your document will be apparent every time you use our service.

We know medicine

Our editors are specialized in medicine, biology, and veterinary fields. We not only edit your science in terms of grammar but also sentences structure. In addition, we add comments during the editing process. In this way, your paper will be subject to review before you send it to the journal.

Reasonable price

The price of our service will be determined by the length and quality o the article. You will be informed about how long the editing will take and the price within 12 hours. The average price of editing for an article is changing according to the character count of the article. Please send us your document to determine the price.

We will always be in contact with you

A native English speaker American MD or Ph.D. editor is assigned to your paper as soon as you send it to us.
As soon as you send the paper to us then you will get an email with the information, consisting of the registration number of the paper, due date, and the price.

You may direct any question to the responsible editor about your paper.

If you have any problem or question you may contact our customer service at any time of the day by email or phone.
We will contact you by email or phone if we have any questions about your paper

Privacy is our principle

We give priority to our privacy policy. Your information will never be shared with other people or institutions.
Our MD and Ph.D. editors may leave comments on your edited manuscripts. There may be questions or suggestions in these comments. We suggest you answer these comments before you send the manuscript to the journal.

After receiving the edited manuscript from us, there may be a need to add or discard part of the manuscript. Please mark the changes in RED and send it back to us for a FINAL edit. You may send the paper to a journal after FINAL editing is done. For more information please see HOW IT WORKS (Click here) below.

Please do not forget that our team will continue to help you until your manuscript has been accepted and you will not be charged any fee except the one determined at the beginning of the contract.

Adding extra sentences due to the lack of the scientific side of the paper is not included in this offer. Also, you must send the FINAL edited version of the manuscript to the reviewer without adding or deleting any sentences. Adding or deleting any sentences should be first edited by our editors before sending it to the reviewers otherwise these changes may disrupt the sentences and these failures can not be accepted by us since they are not our editor`s mistakes. Therefore, if you changed any sentences and send them to the journal without sending us for FINAL editing then we have to accept as a new manuscript to be edited.

We are scientists!

Makaletercume.com exclusively offers academic proofreading and scientific editing services for senior academics including professors, post-doctoral researchers, and research students as well as for businesses. We cover all academic materials including Ph.D. theses, dissertations, conference papers, journal articles including scientific documents, books, research proposals, essays, PowerPoint presentations, memos, brochures, business plans, fiction writing (novels, poems, short stories) and other professional documents. We will proofread your academic and scientific materials to a high standard using the experience and skills of our professional academic proofreaders.

Makaletercume.com ensures that your work is free of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes and that it puts your ideas across effectively and clearly in perfect English. For submission details for our academic editing and proofreading services, please refer to the ‘How it works’ section of our website

About Us

We are highly skilled and professional MDs and PhDs from the USA.

Since the launch of the company in 2005, we have worked with over 150,000 customers to improve their English grammar and punctuation as well as translation to English. Our native English proofreaders and editors are exceptional and deliver results that are second to none.

Many international MDs and PhDs that visit US hospitals to observe or to perform research, speak, and write English poorly. Therefore, their scientific papers suffer and often get rejected from peer-reviewed journals. Due to the necessity for experience in medical terminology and English, editing services of high quality are hard to find. Our well-established editing group puts forth this highly coveted expertise. We would like to extend our service to medical doctors and research scientists.
Thus, MakaleTercume Editors are a team of precision medical editors that ensure timeliness, accuracy, and reliability.

Any articles that pertain to medicine, biology, or veterinarian research are within the scope of our expertise.

Quality assurance
We have multiple quality assurance checkpoints:

  • We have more than 150 MDs and PhDs with different areas of expertise and papers are distributed to an editor based on their knowledge.
  • A second editor, which is used by Precision Medical Editors to ensure an error-free paper.
  • When we are done, a grammatically perfect, reliable, and high-quality document is sent electronically back to you.
  • The MakaleTercume Editors advantage is the speed of the editing service. Therefore, the papers are edited and sent back to you in a short period of time.
  • We want our customers to know that timely delivery of the work and confidentiality are of the upmost importance!
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If you receive a high ITHENTICATE

Almost all scientific journals have specific laws in place against plagiarism. All submitted articles are scanned with special programs (i.e., ITHENTICATE) that identify plagiarism.
If you receive a high ITHENTICATE score, don’t panic we can help you with your writing by taking advantage of service full of experience staff.

If you have this issue, send your paper to us. The following steps will be applied:

1- First, we check the iThenticate report. If your article has a low ITHENTICATE score (15% or less), it only needs editing.
2-If the ITHENTICATE is above 15%, our editors will change the sentence structure without changing the meaning (following sharing the report with you).
3- After your paper has less than 15% ITHENTICATE similarity, we will send you the paper with an official ITHENTICATE report. You may send the report to the journal at your discretion.

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The price of our service will be determined by the length and quality of the article.
You will be informed about the editing due date and price within 12 hours.

You can make your payment using PAYPAL.
For detailed information, please contact us.

We are highly skilled and professional MDs and PhDs from the USA.

Our native English proofreaders and editors are exceptional and deliver results that are second to none.

How it works – Step-by-Step Explanation (SSE) –

You follow these paths when you decide to work with us.

1- Send your paper (in a Microsoft® word file) to us in order to determine the price. After your article is delivered to us, the names of authors will be removed from the paper to protect their privacy.
2- After our editors investigate your paper, the price* and delivery date will be determined according to the language difficulty and the length of paper (within 6 hours).
*An urgent request for a quick turn around may affect the price. Normally the editing process can be done within 7 days.
3- Once payment is made, you will get an email validating that our editors have started working on your paper.
4- After the editing process is done, you will get the edited paper by email.

When you open the edited word file, you will see all the changes made by our editors (an example is shown below). Our editors use the TRACK CHANGES feature within the Microsoft® Word program, and you can see all the changes made on your paper. After agreeing to the changes, you can accept all changes by clicking “Accept All Changes” under the “Tools” menu if you use Microsoft office®.

(Microsoft office users will see the changes as below)

Our editors may comment to clarify any sentences written or if they have any questions/concerns. After you have the edited paper, please answer the comments and send us back no later than 10 days for FINAL editing. Please remember that if you exceed 10 days, then the paper will be edited as a newly submitted paper and charged again. Please write in red color when you answer or correct the paper according to our editor`s comment. It is advised to answer the editor’s comments before you send the paper to the reviewers.

Important: Please do not add or remove any sentences after the FINAL edit (mentioned above). We are not responsible for the addition or removal of any sentences after the FINAL editing. Therefore, please try to send us your paper just before sending it to the journal.

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Our team is available 24 hours a day from Monday to Friday to answer any questions you may have. We aim to respond within 2 hours on weekdays.
The price of our service will be determined by the length and the equality of the article. You will be informed about how long editing will take and price within 12 hours.

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